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Local groups kick off global month of action to call for shift to renewable energy


Starting today, 350.org, together with grassroots groups and communities across Africa and around the world, will participate in over 200 actions in over 46 countries that will kick off a global month of action to call for a renewable energy revolution and an equitable shift away from fossil fuels. The actions are part of an initiative by 350.org dubbed “Power Up”, which demands that governments across the globe shift money away from polluting fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and channel substantial investments to powering up a safe, just and sustainable future built on people-centred renewable energy.

The actions will also take place against the background of the announcement of staggering profits by different fossil fuel companies that blatantly prioritise profit at the expense of people and the planet. As Africa bears the brunt of worsening climate impacts such as flooding, droughts and storms, communities are calling on the governments to hold polluters accountable by making them pay through taxing their earnings and redirecting these finances to fund a renewable energy system rooted injustice.

Glen Tyler-Davies, South Africa team Lead, 350Africa.org, said that even though the transition to renewable energy is happening, the biggest risk now is that it is increasingly a disorderly transition – a transition with no clear plan, which preserves or worsens, inequality in terms of energy access and who holds power over energy generation.

“This will ruin the chances of creating a more equitable energy system and society. Our leaders need to wake up and understand this. They need to provide and implement a plan for a just transition that provides power, both literal and figurative, to the people. We need to power up a clean, just and renewable energy future,” he said.

Zaki Mamdoo, Coordinator of the Stop EACOP coalition, said: “These actions unite activists, organizations, and communities worldwide and coincides with the announcement of fossil fuel giants’ record profits, earned through the exploitation of our labor and the environment. Join us as we come together through hundreds of actions across the globe to demand an end to the fossil fuel era and a transition to community-owned renewable energy systems rooted in justice.”

According to Christian Hounkannou, Francophone Regional Organiser, 350Africa.org, the swift warming of our planet is not a result of natural forces but rather, a deliberate act, a crime driven by a privileged minority seeking personal gain. For many years, they’ve obstructed climate measures to safeguard their immense riches.

“However, they are not beyond accountability. Africa’s renewable energy potential surpasses all other continents. Having endured the severe consequences of fossil fuels, it stands as a prime candidate to lead the world towards an alternative, clean energy development trajectory. The moment has come to liberate ourselves from coal, oil, and gas, and hold those who pollute responsible for the essential and immediate changes we require,” she said.

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